Tomu Stubby Hub Adapter K160H

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Tomu has developed these Stubby Hubs, especially for aftermarket steering wheels. Tomu Stubby Hubs are made to work with Tomu quick releases. Made from the highest quality aluminum, this product is designed utilizing one-piece solid construction for maximum durability and usability.

Bolt Pattern

  • 6x70mm bolt pattern


    • ALL Hyundai Accent
    • ALL Hyundai Genesis
    • ALL Hyundai Tiburon
    • ALL Kia Forte
    • ALL Kia Optima
    • ALL Kia Rio
    • ALL Kia Rondo
    • ALL Kia Spectra
    • ALL Mazda Miata
    • ALL Mazda RX7
    • ALL Mazda RX8
    • ALL Mazda Protégé
    • ALL Mazda 626
    • ALL Mazda MX-3
    • ALL Mazda MX-6 

    * This hub is intended for racing and off-road use and is advertised to fit the physical steering column of the listed vehicles.